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United Airlines is throwing its customers a nice big bone through the end of the year. United has restored its original flexibility on Basic Economy tickets, allowing customers to make free changes for all tickets purchased by the end of 2021. That’s right – no fees to change the cheapest ticket available, which previously allowed just an option to stand-by for an earlier flight, according to the aviation blog The Points Guy. The change will also
Boom Supersonic, an aerospace startup, hopes to resurrect faster-than-the-speed-of-sound commercial air travel across the Atlantic, not seen since the SST Concorde flown by British Airways and Air France in the 1970s. The Boom Overture is expected to fly 65 passengers from New York to London in just over three-and-one-half hours, Newark to Frankfurt in four hours, and, eventually, San Francisco to Tokyo in six hours. “You know our ultimate goal is a high-speed flight for

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