Here are Europe’s Top 20 Best Destinations for 2022 Travel

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While Europe has experienced its share of COVID-19 surges and the accompanying disruptions over the past two years, in many countries, restrictions are now relaxing or falling away entirely as the pandemic moves toward becoming endemic.

There’s, “a growing call to consider the coronavirus a permanent fixture in our lives is resonating in the world of travel and among industry representatives,” the New York Times wrote recently, according to Forbes.

While entry rules and safety measures in each country continue to wax and wane with COVID-19 conditions, travelers who’ve longed for an escape to the Continent may find that 2022 presents the opportunity to realize those dreams.

Then, the question becomes which destination(s) to choose from among Europe’s many cultural gems. Fortunately, European Best Destinations (EBD) just released its thirteenth annual list of the trendiest places to travel in Europe for 2022.

The promotional organization, which works in partnership with hundreds of tourist offices, surveyed over 520,000 travelers in 182 countries. They were presented with a selection of over 400 destinations to choose from, and rankings were then awarded to the top 20 most-voted-upon destinations.

Participants submitted their entries online between January 20 and February 10. Fifty-six percent of them hailed from within Europe, while 44 percent were from outside Europe.

The competition, like the rest of its thematic rankings compiled throughout the year, has historically bolstered real-life tourism in the winning locales, resulting in an average tourism growth of more than 15 percent in the promoted destinations.

These are 2022’s most-coveted European destinations, as voted by EBD’s audience:

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia’s capital city opted for a pedestrianized historic center earlier than other European destinations and has taken pains to ensure that it’s an environmentally friendly urban environment. Large green areas, combine with rich architectural and cultural history, calling to lovers of art, culture, entertainment and authentic cuisine.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, European Best Destinations, EBD, 2022
Ljubljana, Slovenia took the top spot as ‘European Best Destination’ of 2022.

2. Marbella, Spain

Marbella, considered Europe’s “capital of the sun”, caters to outdoor and sports enthusiasts, as much as it does travelers looking for refined hotels and restaurants, shopping, relaxation and quality dining options. The charming Spanish city is also attracting more companies and investors, as well as an increasing population of digital nomads. Marbella also claimed the number one spot on EBD’s list of Europe’s Most Exclusive Destinations.

A side street with restaurants and bars in Marbella, Spain

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